Here you'll find our products and solutions that you can use in identity validation proceses, transaction authorization... ¡And much more!

integrates biometric access  technologies into actual platforms.

biometric platform.


Common uses: loans, financial transactions, healthcare sercices, loyalty programs, systems logon, and many others.

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¡Absolute portability!

Humane, eficient and secure.

Interface with the colombian national transit registry.


Software and hardware platform approved by the RUNT in Colombia for all the companies and agencies that do transportation procedures.

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Integrates multiple devices: fingerprint readers, signature pads, webcams and 2D barcode readers.

Allows to validate the authenticity of digital documents digitally sigend, and check if the document has been modified since it was signed.




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¡Reduce costs and increase security with biometric access control!

Eficient ally, elimiates identity impersonation of employees and visitors, straiten access to restricted areas, manages time & attendance prceses.

Access control.

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Improve you competitiveness rates with efficient and versatiles control's systems.


The perfect time & attendance solution for your employees through biometrics.

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High qulity devices of the best brands on the market, with several price ranges and features, can be used with Homini's solutions to meet your company requiremnts..

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Effective registry and control of clients for notary procedures.

Enroll and validate the identity of people for notary procedures, with precition and high security, as needed in every legal process.


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Security and automation for the password reseting process.

It´s an advanced voice recognition system for secure the password reseting process. You can use any kind of phone.


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Strong 3 factor authentication: token + fingerprint + password.

Allows using strong 3 factor authentication for transactions and identity validation. Prevents transactions repudiation.

Biometric token.

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Homini S.A. with our experience of 18 years working with  biometric technologies, provides consultancy services specialized en everything related to biometrics.

We have experience working with different biometric technologies such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, voice biometrics, veins patterns.


Software development.

Hig quality hardware, of the best brands on the market with different price ranges and features.

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Biometric token



Software development

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